Eugene Matzota
Being born in Transylvania, in a family with a long tradition, as one of the founders of the Principate of Epirus in 1321, the author learned the old good manners since childhood. Reading and practicing esoteric teachings and becoming a Mason helped him be a better man every day. Member of the Theosophical Society in Adyar, India, he published in the last 20 years three books on Theosophy and how to find answers to questions about life and human nature, another one being almost ready. Eugene Matzota is a deep and multifaceted personality, engaged in many areas, believing his mission in life is to provide knowledge to those seeking a way into transcendent. His concern for the highest mystical aspiration is only an aspiration for higher spiritual knowledge attained by spiritual experience. This quest for spirituality, originally started only with the naive desire if the impetuous adolescent who wants to know everything, became his attitude to the world. Writing this practical guide that goes beyond the Ritual, the author wants to share his vast experience especially to those less experienced, making them better Masons.

Eugene Matzota

In a few words, Masonic Etiquette is a code of recommended rules and suggestions; however, we have to...